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Moving season is on the corner

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

How to plan your moving day in the most efficient and stress-free way (or close enough!)

First of all, you need to schedule your moving date. If you have the chance to choose another day than July 1st, I would recommend for you to take it because the cost of truck renting and movers is way more expensive in July than any other month.

Then, you have to decide either you want to move with professional movers or with your friends. Depending on your budget, choose wisely. Don’t forget that friends can cancel you last minute. Movers are more expensive but you have insurance and no risk of injury.

Three months before the moving date : too early to make your boxes already but it is time to sort your stuff. What are you keeping with you and what deserves to go to donations or garbage?

My tips to sort wisely :

Avoid doubles. Anything you have double, give one of them to a donation.

The 1 year rule : Did you use it this year ? If yes, keep it. If not, give it. It will be useful for someone else.

Two months before the moving date : Time to pack your things in boxes. On average, I would tell you to take one week for each room so you have plenty of time and don’t wait until the last minute.

Don’t forget to name tag your boxes and bags !! Not knowing where you packed your stuff is the worst thing during a move. Please, do yourself a favor and go to the dollar store to buy some tags and name every box and bag you pack.

On the moving day, have a safety kit that include : scissors, paper towel, sweep, granola bars, phone charger, measuring tape, water bottles, cleaning towels, sponge, paper towel, garbage bag, tools (screwdriver, hammer, etc.

Those are my best tips to have a smooth moving.

Don’t forget that even though moving can feel stressful, it is a fun and exciting major event in your life. Enjoy the moment, it will forever be graved in your memories.

Best of luck on this big day.

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